29 year old Olivia Newton John playing 17 year old Sandy in Grease, 25 year old Rachel McAdams playing high schooler Regina George, 31 year old Bianca Lawson playing Maya St.Germain — a character more than a decade younger than her in Pretty Little Liars.

Casting 20-something-year-olds in teenage roles has perpetuated outright unattainable teenage beauty standards for decades. The impossible beauty of teenage characters in film and TV has built an aspirational vision of the teen, one that represents an incredibly limited range of acceptable physical characteristics, one that can near never be reached by the real life teenager.

(Marie Claire)

The Girl Boss. She’s put-together but doesn’t try too hard, looks amazing in her designer clothing, and has an impeccable Instagram feed. She is empowered, never stressed, never flustered. She finishes all emails with a kiss. She’s an agreeable character while simultaneously being a business tycoon. She’s promoting a toxic work life. Everything she does is monetised, her feminism rarely includes women who aren’t straight or white, she’s playing into capitalist ideals, and most importantly, she’s not working to actually further feminism.

There are many issues surrounding the Girl Boss. The term is sexist and undermining, used to create a…

Nothing is perfect. Not even Bridgerton. And, as people stop sipping from their china tea cups and the bad British accents return to their normal tone, we need to take a step back and note the issues littering the debut season.

Bridgerton managed to avoid backlash for the majority of their press circuit, fans and critics alike praised the show for its diverse cast and it became an overnight sensation, 82 million households had streamed the drama its first 28 days, making it the biggest Netflix series ever released. But why was it such a huge success?

According to Netflix

Fate: The Winx Saga — Disregarding The Female Audience

2020 saw the majority of the world through many disappointments, with the announcement of a live action Winx Club hitting Netflix, fans of the noughties cartoon wished that the first month of 2021 would at least give them this one joy. But, after the release of a simple minute and a half long teaser trailer, the sighs of fashion loves echoed in disappointment at the sight of this supposedly magical world.

The Animated Series

The original Winx Club animated series ran from 2004–2019 and the diversity of the cast opened up…

Now, more than ever, community is vital. More and more women are looking for new ways to express their wants, needs and desires in a safe space, surrounded by other like minded women. Many women have found this solace in witchcraft. Self-care and self-indulgence through witchcraft has been a growing phenomenon through the past decade and this resurgence of ‘Witch culture’ is bringing the idea of powerful, self-loving women to the masses.

The term ‘witch’ is a hard one to define, there are many religions based around ‘witchcraft’ and said ‘witchcraft’ comes in many forms. ‘Witch’ can really refer to…

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interested in and writes about; fashion, media, politics, and environmental and social issues with an aim to do so in a way that can be understood by everyone

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